Dr. Neem Hakim

DIU students’ reaction to the possibility of opening an educational institution in February

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DIU students’ reaction to the possibility of opening an educational institution in February

Zafar Ahmed Shimul, DIU Representative.

“The government announced the closure of all educational institutions across the country in March last year due to the deadly novel corona virus. All DIU campuses were declared closed. Classes are going on online;

Recently (December 29, Tuesday) Education Minister Dipu Moni has decided to reopen the educational institutions this February in compliance with certain rules and regulations considering the education of the soft-hearted students across the country and the current situation. Comfort has come back to my mind. Almost all the students have given the same opinion about the opening of all the educational institutions and DIU campuses.
Talking to some of these students, we found out how they would react if the campus reopened, or what their views were on the government’s decision.
How do they think about this?

Regarding the opening of the educational institution in February, Faizulhaq Noman of the Civil Department of Dhaka International University said,
‘Like many, I have heard that the government has taken initiative to open educational institutions in February. Nice to hear that.
For a long time we were off campus. There is a kind of stagnation in education. Online may be fairly continuous. However, as students of engineering, we have many practical things that cannot be done online.

Meanwhile, Corona has started violence again in the country. As such, it remains to be seen what the situation will be in February and whether it will be possible to open the campus even if the government has a plan.
However, the expectation is that the situation will return to normal after all the dangers have been overcome and our favorite campus will be reopened.

Shirajam Munira, a student in the sociology department of the Dhaka International University Journalists’ Association, said,
‘I think all the office courts of the country are keeping their activities steadfast in accordance with the rules and regulations and are able to do all the work of human life in a normal way; Looking at the picture of restaurants, markets, markets, it seems that the situation is under control. We can only see that only educational institutions have been closed. In this case, I think it would be better to reopen all colleges and universities except schools.
Because such online centered reading is not making our life comfortable at all.
We have not been walking in the courtyard of the university for ten long months. By doing this, we students are getting emotionally disturbed.
Hopefully if the Coronavirus is under control we will be back.
The classrooms of the university, including the friends’ quarters, will be filled with joy. I am expressing this hope. ”

Ahsan Habib of English Department (Batch 36 / A)
Said in his response,
‘By the end of March last year, the coronavirus had spread around the world. At the same time, to avoid the risk of infection, lockdown is introduced in our country like eight out of ten countries in the world. The sad thing is that the lockdown that started is still going on today. Although now there is a lockdown only on paper. Where it does not stop – Padma bridge work, office-court, industry-factory, tourist spot etc. But where the whole of Bangladesh is in operation, our educational institution is in a situation like “the car doesn’t move, it doesn’t move, it doesn’t move”. Educational institutions have been opened and are not being opened. Or is Corona sitting in educational institutions to increase its expansion capacity?
In any case, the decision to reopen the institution in February is reasonable. I am personally in favor of this decision. I applaud the government for such a beautiful decision. It has become very important for the students of the country to progress in their education. ”

Sharjut Mahrin, a 40 / B batch student of English department, said,
‘Education is the backbone of the nation. Today’s educated nation is the future of tomorrow. All educational institutions, including our educational institutions, have been in a lockdown situation since March last year due to the unfortunate Corona situation in 2020, which has led to barriers in all areas including studies and classes. Falling in the face. They are becoming extremely inattentive as well as forgetting to study. Although efforts are being made to advance learning through online classes, how much it can actually teach our future generations. This is where we can notice the negativity of virtual classes. Extracurricular learning is being hampered in virtual classes due to which students are not able to acquire knowledge from the surrounding environment, as much as they are learning only by reading books. This will leave them with a lack of knowledge in the future.
Since the educational institutions were closed due to the Corona epidemic situation and the possible decision of the Minister of Education, I think it is reasonable to open the educational institutions in February. However, in that case the hygiene of every student has to be ensured. Students should be given the opportunity to enter the class only if the coronary period ensures hygiene. Because today’s students need the future of the future and 100% security of their health.
So I think the decision to open educational institutions in February is a reasonable one, but it must be done to ensure complete hygiene.

Tanzila Akhter Liza (Batch No. 24) of the Pharmacy Department said,
“If the coronavirus outbreak continues to increase in Bangladesh, all educational institutions in the country have been closed since March 16. Apart from Qawmi Madrasa, all other educational institutions have been declared closed till January 18.
Educational institutions are now closed almost all over the world. Countries that opened without much planning have failed and they Had to close again. That is why educational institutions are closed in Bangladesh now. Now, after monitoring the situation, the Education Minister has decided to open all the educational institutions in February with various steps as per the proper plan.
In my opinion, as happy as I am to hear this decision, I have to think at the same time, if the coronavirus spreads among the students after the opening of the educational institution, then there is also danger. After the recent re-opening of the school in South Korea, the school was temporarily closed again after many students contracted Kovid. If one child is infected, everyone else in the family is at risk. It may not be possible to keep an infected child in a completely separate room in everyone’s home. Then in a few days everyone in the house will be infected.
In my opinion, the rate of infection should be looked at before opening an educational institution. You have to wear a mask and always go with a hand sanitizer in a clean and tidy way. You have to take classes in the classroom at a distance. ”

Tahmina Akhter Mimi(Batch: 41/A), another student of English Department, said,
“It’s been a long time since I’ve been off campus, and I’m glad to hear that the university will suddenly open.
We have been entangled in an invisible Maya bond of teacher-teacher since hope on campus.
We are now out of touch with them for this Corona epidemic. There is another kind of satisfaction in taking classes in one’s own body. These include the opportunity to hang out on campus during class breaks and to have courtesy meetings and exchange of views; but in this case we have to control our emotions and think with conscience. No vaccine has yet been discovered for the corona epidemic, so it is now quite questionable to go to campus and take classes. Besides, going to campus and taking classes is also a demand of education and life.
Hopefully the situation soon
It will be normal for us to be able to return to our beloved campus. ”

Campus-loving students want to return to campus and join mainstream education, pushing away the horrors of time, situation, logic, and re-coronavirus scandal. Expectations! “