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Creative initiatives by ‘CHOBIGHOR’ to prevent violence against women

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Creative initiatives by ‘CHOBIGHOR’ to prevent violence against women

Zafar Ahmed Shimul, Staff Reporter.

Women are now able to give themselves protection; The selfless organisation ‘CHOBIGHOR’ is teaching women artistic techniques of self-defense.

With the theme ‘Women are now able to protect themselves’, the social organization ‘CHOBIGHOR’ is teaching women self-defense techniques.

The organization organized an event with different people of the society to spread this strategy inside every woman.

Prince Ghosh, the founder and Chairman of the organization(CHOBIGHOR) said this in a press release on Sunday (December 26) morning.

Earlier on Saturday (December 26), they organized the event at Fifty Ave Restaurant adjacent to Savar Thana Road.

They said that although many people have expressed their views on stopping rape, but ‘CHOBIGHOR’ has started a different kind of activity.

They are teaching self-defense techniques to girls at various schools in Savar so that they can protect themselves. Their initiatives, which started on a small scale, has now spread light in the lives of 2,000 girls.

They are now self-reliant, they can defend themselves without anyone’s help which is going to be a milestone.

Not only that, they have started working on one more initiative.
If a girl is physically harassed, raped or subjected to cyber-bullying, they can complain directly to the online platform “Women’s Voice”. The organisation will help them to get legal help, advice based on the complaints.

Prince Ghosh, the founder and the chairman of the organisation said, “We are starting our activities online because there are many complaints, many people want help but there is not much opportunity to do many things due to the small size of the range, so we have started its activities separately.”
A year ago a woman was raped and we tried to help her and there was a case in the police station. We have created the Women’s Voice platform to make this thing even bigger.

Hasibul Hasan Emu, the current president of CHOBIGHOR, said, “On an average, they took the initiatives to teach 1000 girls self-defense techniques a year, but due to corona, it has become a bit of a hindrance, so they have resumed their activities following health rules.

In order to raise awareness against rape, they are regularly exhibiting murals and street shows in different parts of Savar.

Fakhrul Alam Samar, The Chairman of Tentuljhora Union Parishad, Ibrahim Wasi, Founder of “Champions Karate Do” were present as the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Savar Police Station AFM Sayed,
Salauddin Khan Naim, General Secretary of Savar Citizens Committee,
Quader Talukder, president of Savar Sammilita Sangskritik Jote, Sharan Saha, general secretary and adviorganization(CHOBIGHOR) ‘, Arup Roy and poet Shamsun Nahar and other important members of ‘CHOBIGHOR’!”