Dr. Neem Hakim

Global Law Thinkers Society’s rally on Intellectual’s day

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Global Law Thinkers Society’s rally on Intellectual’s day

Zafor Ahmed Shimul, DIU Representative.

“The Global Law Thinkers Society, a global humanitarian organization that has taken the lead in building a positive mindset for young people in Bangladesh and around the world and leading a great leadership movement, has rallied peacefully to demand the punishment of the martyred intellectual’s killers of Bangladesh in 1971.

The rally as well as human chain was held on Monday (December 14) from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in front of the National Press Club.

Ms.Raoman Smita, Founder-President of the Global Law Thinkers Society, said that today’s youth should learn about the black history of December 14 and how Pakistani forces and their local allies Razakar, Al-Badr and Al-Shams were involved in crippling the country. The Bengali creative intellectuals of the front line, today’s Bangladesh, were assassinated, resulting in a black chapter in the history of Bengal and the beginning of the heinous attempt to make this country incompetent.

The notable demands made by the leaders of the Global Law Thinkers Society, including President Raoman Smita, while addressing the human chain, are as follows:

1. Pakistan must apologize unconditionally for the inhumane and heinous acts committed by their nasty troops in 1971.
2. Will pay the appropriate compensation for the irreparable damages they have done.

Advocate Jasmine Akhter, organizing secretary of the Global Law Thinkers Society, said the irreparable damage done to the country by the killing of intellectuals could not be compensated in any way.

Through this peaceful movement, the young society of the country has become well-organized and is demanding the punishment of the intellectual murderers.

Zafor Ahmed Shimul, Campus Leader of the Global Law Thinkers Society affiliated to Dhaka International University and Yeamin Mollah, Deputy Campus Leader, joined hands with President Ms. Raoman Smita to make the demands of human chain stronger and more successful and significant.

Also present at the human chain were Ahsanul Alam, vice-president of the organization, Solaiman Ahmed Jisan, joint-secretary and many more!”