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Dhaka International University wins “UCB Mock parliament debate “

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Dhaka International University wins “UCB Mock parliament debate “

DIU representative,

Dhaka International University has become the champion in the ‘UCB Public Parliament’ debate competition ‘Chaya Sangsad’ organized at the university level on ‘Government’s goodwill to prevent corruption’&protesting the market syndicate.

BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology has been runner up in the competition(1st phase).

Mirpur Bangla college has been Runner-up in the competition(2nd phase).

On Saturday (November 21) at 10 a.m.
Anti-Corruption Commissioner Dr. Mojammel Haque was present as the chief guest and Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury as the host at the debate competition organized by Debate for Democracy and ATN Bangla at FDC in the capital.

Among the winners are Kawsar Ahmed, an English student, Bashar and Bulbul Ahmed, a law student, Sapphire, a social science student, and Rachi, a business administration student.

The golden team’s leader Azizur Khan Bulbul said, debate is a language of my soul.Today our two teams won,what could be more achieved.He also said,we have to be good people as well as good debater.Need to focus on studies.Need to build a better career.Only then our main success will come.Victory debate,victory Dhaka international University.

Rezwana Karim Sara,the wining team leader of the second phase said,i hope that our victory will continue in the future too.

After having two massive win,Mr.Shah-Alam Chowdhury Himu; the additional registrar of Dhaka international University said,
We are really so happy for our incredible victories.These two victories of DIU bears the wirness to the direct love of the debates of all our board of trustees,all teachers&all officials.wishing the success&success of Dhaka International University debate club.

Congratulating the winning team, Dhaka International University Vice-Chancellor Prof. KM Mohsin said, “Our students have always been doing well in the field of debate.” In addition to their studies, they have kept this rich journey of debate intact by making the most of their talents I believe that they will hold this position in front of justice every time.